December 22, 2009

X'Mas fun ride

Riding Burung Hantu jamboree trail...
WHerE? Petronas Ayer Keroh
WheN, X'mas 2009 lor
TimE? Surely not night riding. what time then? 0700hrs after X'mas eve revelling. make sure u r sober for this ride ya.

October 25, 2009


We members and organizing team of Environmental Cycling Club team would like to say a BIG Thank You to all "BURUNG HANTU" participants whom come from near and far just to take part in our 1st MTB Nite Jamboree in Malaysia.

Lastly we seek your forgiveness for any shortcomings, mishap, poor organizing or what soever..we'll try to make it better in our future events.

Thanks to everyone for their great support

October 23, 2009

Announcement: LUCKY DRAW

To All Participants,
After completion of ride, kindly wear our "BURUNG HANTU" nite Jamboree shirt after the night ride for you to be eligible to our LUCKY DRAW



October 13, 2009


Our "BURUNG HANTU" Nite jamboree is proudly sponsored and supported from various organisation and companies as per banner shown.
We from ECC warm-heartedly like to say a big "THANK YOU" to all of our main sponsors, sponsors and supporters for their contributions in our upcoming "BURUNG HANTU" nite jamboree.

"BURUNG HANTU" Nite Jamboree T-Shirt design

After all the wait, here is the preview of our "BURUNG HANTU" T-Shirt give-away for all registered participants.

For those whom complete our ride, heres some catch awaiting you

September 30, 2009


We have closed our "BURUNG HANTU" Nite Jamboree on the 10th October 2009.

For those who have yet to register, we are sorry for this.




September 26, 2009

"BURUNG HANTU" Movie Trailer 2

Jamboree nite ride trailer 2. We welcome you to have the experience of night riding in our vast flora n fauna

September 15, 2009

Updated "Burung Hantu" Nite Jamboree Itinerary

Below is the itinerary for our "BURUNG HANTU" Nite Jamboree event on 24th and 25th October 2009

1.00pm: Registration starts. Goodies and T-shirts giveaways
6.00pm: Riders Check-In. (Each participants are enquire to check-in before the start of race)
8.00pm: Briefing time
8:30pm (sharp):Journey begins. participants flag off.
11:30pm: Check point 1 and 2 cut off time. Participants who reach after the said time will be directed towards the chicken loop
12:00am: Check point 3 cut off time
12:30am: Check point 4 cut off time
1.30am: Lucky draw
2:00am: Event comes to end.

Click here for list of Participants
Please be informed we are still updating the list. Kindly verify your name and group from the list. Do Let us know if there is changes to be made. For those who had yet to confirmed their payment with a copy of bank-in slip, transfer slip or online transcript, please do so to avoid cancellation

As this is a night event, we emphasize riders to obey rules and have proper equipment list below during the ride.
• A bike that’s properly serviced and in tiptop condition.
Helmet Compulsory for your own preservation.
Torch light. Compulsory as you’ll need it to guide you in the dark.
Extra batteries. Average battery life is 2 hrs. So additional batteries is needed to go on further.
• Back light (Red Light), so that when you are On The Road, the car from the back will notice you.
• Mini tools.
• Spare tubes (2pcs) and patches.
• Pump.
• Insect repellents.
• Mobile phone.
• Bright or Lumisnescent wear. Easy to notice you while you are riding
• Raincoat... in any case it rains

Rules of ride

Please slow down at junctions and watch out for these signs. Marshals will be stationed only at critical points to help guide riders. There will also be official Sweepers who will move into the trails after the cut off times for each stage. If you are unsure of the turnings and can’t find the signage, go back to the last seen trail marker and wait for the Sweepers.
Since this is a night ride event, we encourage group riding as you can rely on each other when help is needed.
You can expect trail congestion during the initial parts of the ride, especially on the narrow single tracks. Stronger riders are advised to come to the front during flag off. If you should stop during a climb, do quickly move to the side of the trail and allow other riders to pass. This will help reduce trail congestion. Do give prior warning when passing a slower rider and only where the trail is wide enough to pass.


Due to demand our closing date for the early bird registration has been shifted to 30th September 2009.
Registration fee will still remain RM50.00.


Please click on the image to download the form


Please be hurry to avoid late payment fee

September 7, 2009

"BURUNG HANTU" Jamboree Track Profile

The starting and finishing point for upcoming "Burung Hantu" Night Jamboree will be at Dataran Ayer Keroh. Estimated distance 45 km with 5 Burung Hantu check points.
As mention the Jamboree track will pass through all of Melaka 3 District, Melaka Tengah, Jasin and Alor Gajah. Do not worry of being in the dark as we will have LED lights every 50 metres alongside with your bright torchlight to guide you inside the offroad trail. Also during the event itself, we will have ride marshals, off-road motorbike marshals, 4x4 to accompany participants.
GPS location of start and finish point:
N2 16.443 E102 17.905

Towards Check Point 1
The first 5 km, will be tarmac road riding accompanied by marshals and RELA members.
Upon entering the off road, you ‘ll be experiencing a 10km roller coaster ride which only you would enjoy with your trustee old bike.
Once completed, you’ll endure another 3 km to CP1 on road.
No cut off time at this point (11.30pm) with the hope that no riders will chicken out (there will be no fun to chicken run the first check point).
Total Ride Distance: 18km
Chicken Route Distance: 4.1km

Towards Check Point 2
A 4.7km single track ride into the rainforest. Along this track you will need a lot of concentration to manoeuvre around the fallen trunks, tree branches sticking out, pot holes and etcs towards check point 2.
Cut off time 11.30 pm with chicken run route.
Total Ride Distance: 4.7km
Chicken Route Distance: 4.8km

Towards Check Point 3
4.6km ride off ride where halfway through you will be crossing a small stream; with skills and a bit of luck you may keep those shoes dry else wet and muddy shoes wouldn’t hurt a bit.
Cut off time 12.00am with chicken run route
Total Ride Distance: 4.6km
Chicken Route Distance: 6.6km

Towards Check Point 4
4.1km ride. After strenuous roller coaster ride from CP1, single track ride and river crossing, what you’ll need is a relaxing ride and this is what you’ll have when you ride yourself towards CP4. A gasp of cold fresh air with the stars n moonlight glittering the night itself
Cut off time 12.30 am. You’ll need to get on to a lorry so don’t miss out the last lorry or you’ll be camping yourself with the chickens in the farm nearby.
Total Ride Distance: 4.1km
Chicken Route Distance: 11.5km

Towards Check point 5
A total 6.3km distance with a little roller coaster ride from CP 4 is what you’ll get after a relaxing ride from CP 4
No cut off time.
Total Ride Distance: 6.3km

Finishing point.
From CP5, you will have to endure just another 9km to the finishing point.
Total Ride Distance: 9km

September 2, 2009

"Burung Hantu" Jamboree:Track Cleaning

During Merdeka eve, ECC members brave the rain to clean the track for our upcoming "Burung Hantu" jamboree.

The track is clean and safe for night ride as we have run a full 45km the very next day. We hope that every participants will have a safe an enjoyable ride when the time comes.

Below are a few shots of video taken during the 'gotong-royong' event.

P/S note:
1. event was in the morning lah. night night kenot see so kenot gather gather and clean-up
2. we will also make another round of check few days before the BIG DAY
3. New night video trailer, updates on participants lists and jomboree tracks details and gps releases... All this and more to come. keep posted on our next updates.

August 13, 2009

Burung Hantu Jamboree Trail and Profile

The starting and finishing point for upcoming "Burung Hantu" Night Jamboree will be at Dataran Sejarah, Ayer Keroh. Estimated distance 45 km with 5 Burung Hantu check points.
As mention the Jamboree track will pass through all of Melaka 3 District, Melaka Tengah, Jasin and Alor Gajah. Do not worry of being in the dark as we will have LED blinking lights every 50 metres alongside with your bright torchlight to guide you inside the offroad trail. Also during the event itself, we will have ride marshall, off-road motorbike marshall, 4x4 to accompany participants.
GPS location of start point: N2 16.443 E102 17.905

"Burung Hantu" Night Jamboree Route Map

"Burung Hantu" Night Jamboree Route Profile

August 12, 2009

Burung Hantu Jamboree Movie Trailer

The trailer belows shows the scene when you enter towards CP1. There'll be Ups n Downs hill ride.

Video shows a single track after exiting CP1

You'll find yourself submerged into a river at 25.7KM from the starting point. let's hope its not raining that time or you'll get water as high as you seen here in the video

Breezing the midnite air all the way in Oil Palm estate. Towards CP4

August 11, 2009

Burung Hantu Jamboree Pics Preview

Some photos updates on our upcoming Night Jamboree Trail
Downhill n uphill trail towards CP1

Towards CP1 trail on Palm estate

CP1 towards CP2

CP1 towards CP2 starts 2 get technical

CP4 towards CP5

Some night pix of the Jamboree trail

July 3, 2009

Burung Hantu Jamboree Ride Registration Form

Burung Hantu Jamboree Official registration form is out. Details of the registration
REGISTER BEFORE 15th September, 2009 : Payment Fee RM50.00 (to self collect goods on 24th Oct, 2009)
REGISTER AFTER 15th September, 2009 : Payment Fee RM60.00 (to self collect goods on 15th Nov, 2009)

Send your entry form to:
Snail Mail: SIN BEE HIN BIKE SHOP, 47, Jalan Ong Kim Wee 75300, Melaka Malaysia
fax:06-3375180 (Ben); 06-2883999 (Mah); 06-2831477(Keong);

Please fax/mail together with name, IC no. and keep your bank-in slip Please call to verify : acct holder hp no

Click here to download the registration form in PDF format Burung Hantu Registration Form

June 26, 2009

Burung Hantu Jamboree Ride Committee Members

We proudly announce our list of committee members for our upcoming Burung Hantu Jamboree

Burung Hantu Jamboree Ride Committee Members

Advisor :  

Toh Kian Keong

Organising Chairman :  

Jabbarinor Bin Ibrahim

Asst. Organising Chairman :  

Indra Kannady
Wee Yik Chuang

Secretary :  

Azudin Khamis

Treasurer :  

Mah Seng Kooi
Lim Yeik Mei

Secretariat & Registration :  

Solomon Low
Daniel Tay

Logistic :  

Heng Lye Huat
Tuang Peck Ee
Kalvin Chong

Sponsorship :  

Danny Cheong

Food & Beverage :  

Hood Hj Abdullah
Kelly Ee

Design & Promotion :  

Serena Chu
Ben Soon

Communication :  

Eric Ng
Kuni Anak Lubo

Track :  

Sim Seng Chai
Pang Kia Nam

Marshall :  

Michael Goh Seng Chye
Tan Khiow Yong

First Aid :  

Dr. Navpreet Sidhu

Goodies / Lucky Draw :  

Danny Wee

PA System :  

Danny Wee

June 20, 2009

ECC Malacca Mountain Bike Nite Jamboree 2009

Latest release on our upcoming jamboree, "Burung Hantu Ride".

The Jamboree logo is up and location point for the 1st ever night Jamboree is to be around MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. The jamboree track will pass through all of Melaka 3 District, Melaka Tengah, Jasin and Alor Gajah. Expected distance is approximately 45KM.

More updates on our thrilling events will be posted soon...

June 13, 2009

Melaka to Betong Video Unleashed

Some Video from the Melaka to Betong trip.

members enjoying the thrills of road DH.. Ah Chai again clock the fastest speed of 92KM/H...

June 12, 2009

King of Mountain: Gunung Datok

ALOR GAJAH – CafĂ© Nelayan as part of its corporate social responsibility organized a closed Mountain Bike Road Race, nicknamed the King of Gunung Datok recently.

Its organizer Mohd Norazaman said the 28 kilometers road race started from the Petronas Kiosk of Simpang Ampat with eighteen participating giving their all but unfortunately five did not complete the race.

The champion of Gunung Datok went to bicycle mechanic Sim Seng Chai. Mohd Soffhi Mohamed and Syafiq Syahrill Izwan Khoo took home and first runner-up and second runner-up title.

Zamli Kenting, Mohd Fairus Md Bazid, Abu Syawam Abu Samah, Muhd Syafik Aiyub and Zulhakim Djumian were among the 18 participants at the race.

According to a co-organizer Wen Loi due overwhelming response, Norazaman has decided to host ‘King of Gunung Tampin’ which will be held on Sunday, 28 June 2009 For registration and more information please call Loi on 012 6075606.

June 2, 2009

From Malacca to Betong (Update)

Day 4 (Final Day)
( wee yik chuang) @ 3/6/09 1200 hrs BY SMS +60126013560
"another 3kms to reach betong. today cycled 110km. alot of mountain. the mountain killed us."

Day 3
( wee yik chuang) @ 2/6/09 1526 hrs BY SMS +60126013560
"reach tapar to jenggong 144kms, total time 5hrs 13 min, average 27kms/hr.
another 80 kms reaching to betong. we are going to waterfall now. evryone still in good condition, no worry"

Day 2
( wee yik chuang) @ 1/6/09 1400 hrs BY SMS +60126013560
"We have reach tapar at abt 2.30 pm. we cycle 145kms with 5 hrs 11 min. average speed 27 kms/hr max speed 59.6 kms/hr all in gd condition. thank you all very much for the moral support. total we have cycle 299kms"

Day 1
( wee yik chuang) @ 31/5/09 BY FACEBOOK update
"Finally reach the first stage Kepong.......156kms in 5 hours 30 minutes"

May 31, 2009

From Malacca to Betong

5 members of ECC Malacca made history today as they set off to cycle from Malacca to Betong, Thailand.

Group photo of the magnificent 5 with other ECC members

(From left) Amos, Mei, (Ruslan), Ah Chai, Yik Chuang and Koh
Going off with a bang. Letting off confetti and flagging them off in style

Off they go. Wishing them a safe journey and an experience of a lifetime

May 16, 2009

ECC Represented

ECC members turn out in full force to celebrate the marriage of Ah Ping on 10th May, 2009
Same day
10th May, different place. ECC represented at KLMBH Epic Ride
Sim Seng Chai in action in King of Gunung Datok race

Tay Jit Yang in PCC Interstate Ride

March 22, 2009

Environment Cycling Club Malacca in M2BH Hash # 105

ECCMalacca in the M2BH hash #105
"The Hills Ride".
This ride is different from usual hash ride which paper were laid for the trail marking with some check points or false loop & etc.
This time an old timer in M2BH Dirk Limann, lead the ride through several hills around Melaka.
Namely Bukit St John's, Bukit St Paul, Bukit Cina, Bukit Peringgit, Bukit Sebukor, Bukit Beruang & Bukit Jelutong.

Group Pictures At Bukit St John
ECCMalacca President Ah Keong with Danny Wee

Ride Briefing by Dirk
Bukit St Paul

Dataran Pahlawan view from Bukit St Paul
Loi the ride sweeper.
Bukit Cina

Bukit Beruang

Bukit Jelutong

March 15, 2009

Kulim Exploration Ride 2009

The Story ECC at Kulim Exploration Ride 2009 ECCMalacca, MR MoBiC & MASTANA Group Picture at Kulim Hi-Tech
Picture courtesy adiharriman
Ah Chai congratulating Ah Yong
Mike, Fairous & Shahrul at the washing bay
Ah Chai "Raja Pecut"
Ah May 1st Ladies, presented by Tn Hj Shahrulmizi the event chairman
Ah Chai 2nd overall
ECC Ladies cyclist, where is Dr Nav??