June 20, 2009

ECC Malacca Mountain Bike Nite Jamboree 2009

Latest release on our upcoming jamboree, "Burung Hantu Ride".

The Jamboree logo is up and location point for the 1st ever night Jamboree is to be around MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. The jamboree track will pass through all of Melaka 3 District, Melaka Tengah, Jasin and Alor Gajah. Expected distance is approximately 45KM.

More updates on our thrilling events will be posted soon...


warhead@MR MoBiC said...

Good Job gang,

Thanks & we appreciate for the commitments.

I'll be in Malaysia from 12th July till 19th July.

C U all soon

mynameiskoko said...

Any info on event start time?

pang said...

hi koko...event start time will be
8pm to 8.30pm....will put on our blog very soon..TQ

leong said...

last year MELAKA jamboree,after the even has the dinner and luckydraw,will this nite jamboree same like last year,

if yes,when the dinner or breakfast start(we will overnight)

if no,after cycle finish,then the even end,(then we can direct go home,no need overnight,since the even start at 8:30PM i believe before 1am can finish already.)


pang said...

Pls check our ECC blog this weekend for latest event itienary for you to plan your schedule.