May 19, 2010

2010 Burung Hantu Ride

2010 Burung Hantu Ride will be on 30th October (Saturday)

Free you calender for a ride that will provide all the SHIOK of night mountain biking!

Event logo and details will be out later.

Remember!! 30th October 2010

May 3, 2010

Jasin MTB Jamboree

2nd May, 2010: A large number of ECC members participate in and event organized by our fellow frenz within Melaka.

A huge turnout was expected on event day. 800 participants from all over the peninsular as well as our neighbouring countries had come to participate in this event. With a distance of approximately 50KM, most of ECC members had enjoyed and completed the event in a happy, as well as a few pain (cramps) from some riders.

15th members from ECC manage to complete the jamboree as top 100th finisher.
Both mentor and student, (Ah Chai, and Edward), manage to do ECC proud to complete in 1st and 2nd placing overall. Ah Yang as well to get a top five placing...
Our veteran cyclist, Mr Michael, did us proud in finishing 2nd in veteran category.
Lady rider, Ah Mei, won 1st place as well in womens category. A good feat by the ECC teams. Congratz to all.

All and all the. Team has made ECC proud. Kudos to ECC members and Jasin MTB organizer...

Kayuhan Terang Malam

1st May 2010. An event from the northern state is calling.
9am, 3 riders from ECC depart from Melaka and drove all the way to KULIM to have a chance to look out on the 2nd Nite jamboree.

A great jamboree event organize by KHT bikerz from Kulim. ECC team of 3 person had a wonderful ride on a murky 37KM distance. Heng got a top 33 finisher in 2hrs time. Pang and first timer jamboree cyclist, Howard, completed an hr afterwards. Overall, they had enjoyed the challenged during the whole event. As a first timer, Howard, is lucky enough to win a lucky draw prize.
Congratz to all. A good nite ride organized by the northern fellow riders. Kudos to KHT Bikerz

Right now, Team ECC will be busy to prepare/make our 2nd Nite jamboree, as well as the 2nd Nite jamboree event in 2010, a night for upcoming participants to remember...