May 31, 2009

From Malacca to Betong

5 members of ECC Malacca made history today as they set off to cycle from Malacca to Betong, Thailand.

Group photo of the magnificent 5 with other ECC members

(From left) Amos, Mei, (Ruslan), Ah Chai, Yik Chuang and Koh
Going off with a bang. Letting off confetti and flagging them off in style

Off they go. Wishing them a safe journey and an experience of a lifetime

May 16, 2009

ECC Represented

ECC members turn out in full force to celebrate the marriage of Ah Ping on 10th May, 2009
Same day
10th May, different place. ECC represented at KLMBH Epic Ride
Sim Seng Chai in action in King of Gunung Datok race

Tay Jit Yang in PCC Interstate Ride