May 31, 2009

From Malacca to Betong

5 members of ECC Malacca made history today as they set off to cycle from Malacca to Betong, Thailand.

Group photo of the magnificent 5 with other ECC members

(From left) Amos, Mei, (Ruslan), Ah Chai, Yik Chuang and Koh
Going off with a bang. Letting off confetti and flagging them off in style

Off they go. Wishing them a safe journey and an experience of a lifetime


warhead@MR MoBiC said...

All the best..and I'll pray for your safety all the way to Betong Thailand.

Have a safe ride gang & enjoy. Last but not least keep up the momentum guys..

Go ECC Malacca..


warhead@MR MoBiC said...

Thanks Ben for the news update.


Beatrice Koh said...

Have fun everyone !
Good Luck in making history ! =D

P/S. Daddy Koh, remember to drink Red Bull if no energy ! XD. KAYUH , KAYUH , KAYUH ! I dun wanna see u TOLAK Basikal ! Mai lak seh ... ;p

Best regards and CHEERS !

Ei , du , tuo , YO !

Anonymous said...

Good luck guys on your awesome adventure, wish I could be going too! Thanks again for all the great hospitality on Wednesday and Friday night. I posted the night ride pics on my facebook account. type in Roger Brancher

Anonymous said...

good luck guys................... all the best YOU ALL BOLEH!!!! ECC BOLEH regards danny