September 2, 2009

"Burung Hantu" Jamboree:Track Cleaning

During Merdeka eve, ECC members brave the rain to clean the track for our upcoming "Burung Hantu" jamboree.

The track is clean and safe for night ride as we have run a full 45km the very next day. We hope that every participants will have a safe an enjoyable ride when the time comes.

Below are a few shots of video taken during the 'gotong-royong' event.

P/S note:
1. event was in the morning lah. night night kenot see so kenot gather gather and clean-up
2. we will also make another round of check few days before the BIG DAY
3. New night video trailer, updates on participants lists and jomboree tracks details and gps releases... All this and more to come. keep posted on our next updates.


alotstuff said...

nice blog......

dking99 said...

this guys cutting the grass to make a new highway...... for the jamboree