September 7, 2009

"BURUNG HANTU" Jamboree Track Profile

The starting and finishing point for upcoming "Burung Hantu" Night Jamboree will be at Dataran Ayer Keroh. Estimated distance 45 km with 5 Burung Hantu check points.
As mention the Jamboree track will pass through all of Melaka 3 District, Melaka Tengah, Jasin and Alor Gajah. Do not worry of being in the dark as we will have LED lights every 50 metres alongside with your bright torchlight to guide you inside the offroad trail. Also during the event itself, we will have ride marshals, off-road motorbike marshals, 4x4 to accompany participants.
GPS location of start and finish point:
N2 16.443 E102 17.905

Towards Check Point 1
The first 5 km, will be tarmac road riding accompanied by marshals and RELA members.
Upon entering the off road, you ‘ll be experiencing a 10km roller coaster ride which only you would enjoy with your trustee old bike.
Once completed, you’ll endure another 3 km to CP1 on road.
No cut off time at this point (11.30pm) with the hope that no riders will chicken out (there will be no fun to chicken run the first check point).
Total Ride Distance: 18km
Chicken Route Distance: 4.1km

Towards Check Point 2
A 4.7km single track ride into the rainforest. Along this track you will need a lot of concentration to manoeuvre around the fallen trunks, tree branches sticking out, pot holes and etcs towards check point 2.
Cut off time 11.30 pm with chicken run route.
Total Ride Distance: 4.7km
Chicken Route Distance: 4.8km

Towards Check Point 3
4.6km ride off ride where halfway through you will be crossing a small stream; with skills and a bit of luck you may keep those shoes dry else wet and muddy shoes wouldn’t hurt a bit.
Cut off time 12.00am with chicken run route
Total Ride Distance: 4.6km
Chicken Route Distance: 6.6km

Towards Check Point 4
4.1km ride. After strenuous roller coaster ride from CP1, single track ride and river crossing, what you’ll need is a relaxing ride and this is what you’ll have when you ride yourself towards CP4. A gasp of cold fresh air with the stars n moonlight glittering the night itself
Cut off time 12.30 am. You’ll need to get on to a lorry so don’t miss out the last lorry or you’ll be camping yourself with the chickens in the farm nearby.
Total Ride Distance: 4.1km
Chicken Route Distance: 11.5km

Towards Check point 5
A total 6.3km distance with a little roller coaster ride from CP 4 is what you’ll get after a relaxing ride from CP 4
No cut off time.
Total Ride Distance: 6.3km

Finishing point.
From CP5, you will have to endure just another 9km to the finishing point.
Total Ride Distance: 9km


dking99 said...

well done balooo

Adi said...

Hi. Where is the list of riders?

Baloo old said...

We will list up the rider list after the 15th Sept dateline

Sorry for the long wait