October 22, 2008

Notice 4

Saturday - Cycle Hunt
  • Lots of parking area at Taman Rempah (Spice Garden). Look out for event banner.

  • Participants are required to use the sponsored T-shirt that will be given upon registration. This is for easy identification when riding in the city. Police personals have been briefed to watch out for confused cyclists riding haphazardly in the city, which brings you to point no. 3

  • Obey traffic rules. (The organising committee are all busy and we'll only bail you out on Monday)

  • Questions are designed to let everyone have fun and the opportunity to explore the historical areas. Take time to savour the local delicacy while you hunt for the answers.
    In case of accidents, please look for any committee marshals for assistance.
Entrance of Taman Rempah

Google earth map with GPS coordinates

Boardwalk, one of the cyckehunt trail

Sunday – The Environment Ride (Survive the Sahara)

There will be 9 check points (CP) where you will receive stickers.

Starts from Cowbow town parking area. Ride on road (approx 10km), kampong road and off road starts to:

  • CP 1

  • CP 2 – cut off time 11 am. Chicken trail available.

  • CP 3 – Water stop. Located behind Petronas high rest stop. You can buy additional Isotonic drinks, bread, etc. Emergency vehicle (EV) will be on standby

  • CP 4 – Water stop. EV on standby

  • CP 5 – cut off time 1.30pm. EV on standby. Chicken trail.

  • CP 6 – Bukit Botak

  • CP 7 – cut off time 2.30 pm. Water stop. EV on standby. Chicken trail.

  • CP 8 –

  • CP 9 – EV on standby

  • You're on the way home, baby!

CP 6 and CP 8 are not accessible by vehicle. If anyone encounters problems in CP 6 & 8, please push your bike to CP 7. We need you to help each other if you see your fellow rider encountering bike or health problems. Emergency contact numbers are on the bike plate.

Event hanging medals will be given to those with minimum of 5 CP stickers

Don’t force yourself, just ride according to your fitness level. Have fun but be safe.

Helmets are compulsory. No helmet no ride.


We have put sufficient paper to mark the trail. Please do not throw additional Powergel/powerbar wrappers or plastic bags to mark the trail. Bring back the wrappers and dispose at the proper rubbish bins. Play your part to be conscious about the environment.


It has been unpredictable lately and it will either be dry which means hot sunny day or wet. If it’s dry, we recommend long sleeve jersey/arm covers or apply sun block. Bandanna or towel over the head will help prevent heat stoke. Remember to rehydrate yourself often.

If it rains, avoid riding on the soft top soil earth as it will coat the tyres and cause problems when it goes into the chain and rear derailleur. We had 3 bikers breaking the hanger on one of the ride. Try riding at the side on the grass instead. Going downhill will be slippery, go very slow or better still, push.

Please help your fellow bikers when you come across deep trenches and steep hill slopes. Team work guys and gals!

Sunday night - Dinner/Lucky Draw/Prize giving

Please bring your bike plate along. We will give you a wrist band and dinner voucher when you present the bike plate. Wrist band is for entrance to Cowboy town. Present the voucher to the controllers at the dinner hall entrance. Additional dinner vouchers can be bought on site

Keong with the goodies bag.

Lucky draw - to qualify for the lucky draw, you need a minimum of 5 check point stickers. Riders with all 9 stickers will get additional chance. You will need to present the bike plate and identification when collecting lucky draw prizes. Remember - bike plate, very important to bring along for dinner.

Presentation of Cycle hunt prizes

We are grateful to get the support of so many companies for freebies and lucky draw prizes. This is our first time organising such a big scale event and they trusted us. Thank you to all sponsors and donors.

Thule bike rack for grabs

This is the one everyone will want to get their hands on. The grand prize.

Those of you who make your local bike shop as your second home will know which brand with one look. Look closer and you might even see the interwoven carbon fibre markings. Nuff said!

From all of us at ECC Malacca, we welcome each and everyone of you with open arms.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys going to post photo taken on the event ?

Anonymous said...

hello guys... any update on the sahara rides & some picture please? do it again next year! We all love the torture!