August 2, 2012


For those die hard owls, we are pleased to confirm that we will be having our BURUNG HANTU Jamboree this year.
Please keep your calendar booked for our 4th installment of Malaysia's much awaited night MTB jamboree.
Get ready, be prepared. Have your gears ready. Get your batteries charged, better still, get a super bright torchlight and marked your calendar for Saturday, 20th October 2012 as we will be having it on the very night itself.

We will make your ride as eventful and memorable as our previous night rides.
Also book your hotels, homestay or accomodations for the night as we will be having it at the location set below.
BURNG HANTU 2012 Event Location


BURUNG HANTU logo 2012

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Shamsuri Yatim said...

may i know...where's the event info