July 18, 2011

BURUNG HANTU 2011 Track Profile

The starting and finishing point for upcoming "Burung Hantu" Night Jamboree will be at UTeM Stadium, Melaka. Estimated distance 45 km with about 5 Burung Hantu check points with this year, the trail will only pass our new district, HANG TUAH JAYA.

If you are new to our jamboree, do not worry of being in the dark as we will have LED lights every 50 metres alongside with your bright torchlight to guide you inside the offroad trail. Also during the event itself, we will have ride marshals, off-road motorbike marshals, 4x4 to accompany participants.
GPS location of start and finish point:
N2 19.100 E102 19.284

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From the Starting point, you'll need to ride on for 13KM to reach Check Point 1

From Check Point 1, another 12KM of cycling journey towards Check Point 2.

Continue from there, you'll reach Check point 3 within 5 KM from Check Point 2

Check Point 4 will be 10 KM away from Check Point 3

A short ride of 2 KM from Check Point 4will reach you to Check Point 5

From then on, you'll have another short 3KM to complete our 2011 BURUNG HANTU journey.

Hey... it doesn't stop there. We know you guys need water stops to refill and banana station to replenished your energy. We'll have total 3 water stations with bananas within Check Point 1 and Check Point 2. Proceed in the middle of Check Point 3, we will have another water station and banana for riders to complete their journey.

Note to all riders; Please have a water bottle or water bag pack as we do not have small bottles to give away. We will only give water without any bottles. Save the forest by not littering.

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