February 17, 2009

Nite Ride In Conjunction With The LTDL 09

On the 10th Feb 2009 the LTDL reaches Melaka for the second stage, Lucky for me being asked to represent my company to the finishing & prize giving ceremony.
At the VIP tent, I met with an old friend of mine En Zulkarnain, being the side event manager for the LTDL 09 he asked if ECC Malacca can organize a nite ride and finish at Hang Tuah Mall, where tomorrow stage will finish & the day after will be the starting for the stage to Bangi. Since Wednesday is the day for our usual Wednesday nite ride program, so I guess shouldn't be a problem.
I call the ECC Malacca President & Mr President said ON..ON..
About 60 members turn out that nite & we start cycling @ 2100hrs.
We ride through the World Heritage Historical City towards the Portugese Settlement.
The whole ride covers about 40km and finishes at the Hang Tuah Mall @ 2300hrs.
En Zulkarnain were there to hand over the souvenirs from Milo to all participants that nite.

ECC Malacca Nite Riders

En Zulkarnain -wearing the sweater standing 4 frm left beside Danny Wee

Hang Tuah Mall
Portugese Settlement in front Hotel Lisbon
wow..!! Portugal...huhuhu
MR President..Hello..
the souvenirs from Milo
thank En Zulkarnain for the arrangement.
Indra Kannaday
why bring along such big pouch bag?
Waiting for the others..
Ajis supervising the LTDL crew.

Sorry guys my camera cap ayam one, pictures not so sharp la..

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