November 6, 2008

Surviving the Sahara

It's been some time now since all of you had your tanning session during the Sahara ride. No need to thank us for the gorgeous bronze tan but if you insist, the comment button is at the bottom.

Yes we hear you. The cry of joy when you were downhilling and the cursing when you reached check point 6. You want reports and photos of the ride. Most of us at the organising level are almost recovered from sleep deprivation, teh tarik overdose and stress and we will post the link to the photo album once it is ready.

Those of you who didn't get the finisher medals, don't worry, we'll post to you.

What we'll do at the moment is to provide links to other riders blogs. What better story than coming from the riders that had first hand experience right?

Please let us have your links to how you Survive the Sahara!

Writeups and photos links

Fakawitribe forum

Azealea's blog

Cyclemotion forum

Macam bagus

Norizzuddin's blog


Caulyo's blog

Jane Lim's blog

mbikejbc's blog

Petebayang's blog

more to come

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Anonymous said...

aik apa sudah jadik pada ECC??? takkan sudah berkubur??? mana update update terkini??? jangan lah jadik stereotype seperti forum cum rekrasi cum cas racing cas community cycling.

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