July 15, 2008

Ride Trail Inspection1

1st Trail Inspection by the committee members.

Looks good so far.
We were supposed to ride the whole lengh of the trail which is about 50km but the first 20km tough even for some of the season riders. We may need to trim some of the trail as we do more inspection. Our target is to have everyone out by 4pm and enjoy the Grand dinner in Cowboy town.
Can you spot the riders?
Yusri on a uphill climb.
Nice view of the valley
Yep, that's our jersey.
Racing for King of the Hill title
Doing the world a community service. Making sure the clouds don't fall.
Firdaus contemplating whether to give girlfriend a treat or upgrade bicycle.
Why so serious.
Remember to bring chainsaw on the next trip.
More photos available in MrMobic blog.


warhead@MR MoBiC said...

thanks Ben
Good Job to all..

warhead@MR MoBiC said...

Oooo yaa..

to the others,
next time pls have a very good nite sleep & rest the nite b4 went to the trail..

almost black out maaa..

mbikejbc said...

Wow..... trill..

AikPeng said...

this is very interesting. So how high is the mountain that you guys conqure. good job...

"MAT KEDAH" said...

Wow.. this trail must be challenging for all mtbikers to climb...